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Celebration for the Fiftieth Anniversary Xiyan Tea Plantation
2012-9-6 17:23:20

   West rocky October, autumn, tea, fruit fragrance. In the wedding day of National Day West Rock Chachang at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the construction field. 50 contains the vicissitudes of life, hard work. In 1958, the number of people in their prime blood of children, deserted rare beast-infested West rocky, blazing, burning cultivated ground to create layers of terraced the Yi Keke tea tree, planted under, thus beginning the West Rock the tea plantation from scratch, the development and growth of the prelude. Since then, the crop of stubble reclamation and knowledge of youth worked on a piece of land of sweat contribution to the youth of the take-off of the West Rock Chachang today to lay a solid foundation.
   After the reform and opening up, the West Rock Chachang younger generation leader, today West Rock Tea Group chairman Wei top country, Huangqiu Lin and his wife, seize opportunities, and be pioneers; good governance, reform and innovation. Led all fielder, and constantly improve the infrastructure, the road of intensive management, the business model of the company + base + market with farmers, West Rock Chachang development has the the mountain specialties economy tea production the large green conglomerates and high-quality organic tea base, excellent leading agricultural enterprises of the province. Brand series of tea production Xizhu were identified as "Guangdong Famous Brand" and "Chinese famous brand agricultural products, has played an exemplary role in the cause of reform and opening up of the county, has made a positive economic development for the county mountainous useful exploration.
    50 contains brilliant, advance with the times. Looking back at history in order to better open a future. Tea Group Company of the West Rock to the fiftieth anniversary of the construction market as an opportunity and a new starting point, in-depth implementation of the county party "growth" development strategy, local realities, to fully tap the humanities, tourism resources of the mountain; combined green-rise development ideas, further company stronger, bigger, the building of a prosperous and happy, harmonious and beautiful green Tai Po and make greater contribution.