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    Excellent and Leading Agricultural enterprise of Guangdong Province--- Dapu Xiyan Tea Group Company Limited, established in 1995, consists of units like Xiyan Tea Plantation¡¢Refined Tea Factories¡¢Kowloon Pavilion Tea Plantation¡¢Meizhou&Swatow branch companies ,etc. Subordinate Base Tea Plantation is of superior natural conditions-- No pollution appears around dozens of kilometers. Most of the Tea Plantation Bases are located at an altitude of 1,000 meters of Mount Xiyan piedmont. Excellent Tea Production Bases reaches as many as 20,000 acres and now they are becoming increasingly large-scale. The machine equipments are highly advanced while the technical force is greatly strong. That’s the large green enterprise integrating “one-stop” of tea scientific research¡¢cultivation¡¢production and sales. With the business mode of “companies+bases+market guiding farmers”, we aim to develop the economic tea production featuring Dapu mountainous area.
    Xiyan oolong tea of Xizhu brand is well appreciated by their purchasers for its exquisite packaging and unique agreeable taste£º aroma¡¢umami¡¢being pure¡¢being smooth and being mellow. As early as in 1995, Xiyan oolong tea was awarded the gold medal at China Agricultural Fair; And international gold medal was awarded again in 1997; Our company was appraised as “ Standard Unit of Overall Quality Management” by National Ministry of Agriculture in 1998 and as “Leading Agricultural Enterprise of Guangdong Province” by Guangdong Provincial People’s Government in 1999. Also, our company was listed as “Agricultural (tea) Science and Technology Innovation Center” in 2002 by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Center. Besides, a national spark plan project was carried out--“10£¬000-Acre Superior Organic Tea Industrialization Development”. And our company was appraised as “National Standardized Demonstration Unit of Tea” by the National Quality Management Committee. Moreover, our company has passed  three assessments--the ISO9001 International Quality Management System ¡¢the ISO14001 International Environment Management System and the ISO22000 International Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(HACCP). And our company is appraised as “Private Science and Technology Enterprise of Guangdong Province” by Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, as “ Exemplary Taxpayer household of Meizhou” by Meizhou State Taxation Bureau. 
    The project called“Research and Development of Xiyan Ice Tea” gained the second prize of Progress for City Science and Technology. And the Achievement of Science and Technology called “Application of Grafting Technology and Promotion to Rebuild Old Tea plantation” gained the second prize of Science and Technology Bureau in Dapu County; National Certification of Organic Tea was granted in 2004, Xiyan Oolong Tea of Xizhu Brand¡¢Xiyan Dancong Tea and Jade Rabbit were respectively appraised as “Guangdong Famous Brand Products”, the Registered Trademark of “Xizhu Brand” as “Guangdong  famous trademark”. In 2004, our company was appraised as “Nationwide Key Brand-Creating Town Enterprise ” . And the project called “ the Research and Development of Xiyan Qingshai Tea” was awarded the third prize for City Science and Technology Progress.
    In 2005, “ Brand Recommended by Reassured Tea Association” was appraised by China Three Green Project and “ Nationwide Shuangxue Shuangbi Comprehensive Demonstration Base” by the National Women’s Federation. QS Certification was granted in 2005, while the Xiyan Oolong Tea of Xizhu Brand and Dancong Tea respectively won the gold and silver medal for the 6th  Excellent Tea Quality Competition; The National Pollution-Free Agricultural Products Certification was granted, Self-Supporting Export License was transacted and solid foundation has been laid for enterprise products entering international market. In 2006, “Advanced Group” was honored at the National Rural Women “Shuangxue Shuangbi” Contest¡¢ “ Top Chinese Tea Industry in 2006” at Chinese Tea Circulation Association¡¢“ Authentic For All” by eight units like Propaganda Department of Meizhou Municipal Party Committee and the third prize of City Science and Technology Progress for project call “Xiyan Tea Research and Development”. 
    In 2007, the trademark of Xizhu Brand gained “Chinese famous trademark”; Xiyan Dancong Tea of Xizhu Brand won the first prize at the 7th  “ Cup” National Famous Tea Competition;an Dan; Xiyan Organic Tea King won the gold medal at China (Guangzhou) International Tea Fair of 2007 and the 7th Guangdong Excellent Tea Quality Competition; the Research and Development of “Xiyan Sansheng Smoke-Solution& Detoxification Health Tea” was awarded the third prize for County Science&Technology Progress. In December,  Jade Rabbit in Rocks Special Tea made a successful auction of 42,000yuan for 500 grams at Meizhou City Modern Agricultural Investment Promotion&Agricultural Products Exhibition (Orders) Fair. That’s the best-selling and most expensive tea in Guangdong Tea Industry; In April,2008, Dancong Tea of Xizhu Brand was awarded “Chinese Famous Agricultural Products” by Agriculture Ministry from the People’s Republic of China. 
    Our company has always been adhering to principles like this:quality-oriented survival, efficiency-oriented development, technology-oriented innovation. Our company has been accelerating the Dapu Tea Production, strengthening and widening Xizhu Brand: Thus making Xiyan Tea of Xizhu Brand extend to China, to the world.