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the tile of “National Township Entrepreneurs” for five people in Meizhou
2012-9-6 17:22:21

    With the gradual establishment of China's socialist market economic system and the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, Meizhou emergence of a group of strong competition in the market, good economic returns of enterprises, training a group of high-quality, knowledge management, good management of Excellencetownship entrepreneurs.

    Recently, the chairman and managing director of city Guangdong HUAYIN Group Co., Ltd. Chen color silver, Jiaoling County double blessing Building Materials Co. chairman and general manager Yan Zhenqian Wei top country, Guangdong Province, Dabu County Tea Group Co., Ltd., chairman of West Rock, Guangdong Warwick Chemical Industries Limited and Chairman Zhang Xin ceramics Co., Ltd., general manager of the, Dabu County high Beizhen new horse Yang Jiayu five the fifth township entrepreneurs "won the national Department of Agriculture granted title. The (Rao Yingchun Rao Yan-zhi)