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The Haka World-- Meizhou making the best use of the development for Tea Industry
2012-9-6 17:21:29

Friends in the audience, Meizhou to the mountainous, high mountain "famous" clouds and mountains tea "exceptional conditions. Meizhou "Every passenger must live in the mountains, every mountain there must be tea. Since ancient times, Meizhou and people elsewhere, like tea, tea.

Years of dealing with the tea, the Meizhou people recognize that a little tea, contains a variety of organic compounds 500 people health fitness, longevity priceless. This piece of the small tea, extends a long string of industry chain. So from the beginning of the mid-1980s, Meizhou earth began growing tea hot.

Meizhou City in recent years, taken a number of measures to increase the tea development efforts based Dancong tea, take full advantage of the mountainous area, excellent ecological environment favorable conditions, the establishment of a contiguous acres of tea base four, contiguous over 40 acres of tea base, the tea a total area of ​​21.2 million acres, with a total production capacity of 8746 tons, and 16 mu Dancong tea, accounting for 75%, became nationally famous "township Dancong tea. Ho Chiu-chuen Meizhou City Bureau of Agriculture Planting Industry Management Bureau, told reporters:

"In recent years, the municipal government to strengthen the management of the tea plantations, a few years ago are split into counties hanging points; We also asked the science and technology sector, the Ministry of Agriculture were to go the way of tea growing technology, including the introduction of new varieties, improved varieties, cultivation using scientific methods, management, picking; efforts to establish and sound tea tree serialization services system, guidance tea farmers production as soon as possible to achieve tea garden seed. recent years, tea tree are constantly optimized, so engage in seed Breeding is our top priority. "

With the continuous development of the tea plantations, the tea market is growing, tea strong sales year after year. Many the tea merchants also the famous from the smells coming. Leading agricultural enterprises in Guangdong Province - Dabu County West Rock Tea Group Co., Ltd. Chairman the WEI top country in an interview with reporters, said:

"We have 20,000 acres of quality tea, distributed at over 1250 meters above sea level in the western rock foothills superior natural conditions in addition to 40% of export tea, especially iced tea sold in the Japanese market, sales are better. 60% by more than 20 retail points set up around sales, sales are better than last year, our sales revenue of more than one hundred million yuan, profit of 20 million yuan. "

West Rock is a collection of "one-stop" tea research, planting, production, processing and sales of large green enterprises, they also established their own websites, many tea merchants access to information through the Internet, made a special trip to the West Rock ordered tea 's. And West Rock business dealings with Japan, Singapore, the United States, Australia and other countries of the tea merchants. Rush "orders" tea processing plant had to work overtime every day.

In fact, like the tea growing tea Meizhou many years ago and cultivate the Meixian Qingliangshan tea, Tai Po West Rock camellia SACP Horses tea, Hing Ning Guantian tea, the Pingyuan pot (tu) tea, Jiaoling yellow pit tea eight tea. Reputation for its superior quality and now with Dancong tea at home and booming tea production base in Meizhou pollution-free agricultural standard has been Dabu County West Rock Tea Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Huayin Huayin Group Group Meixian Meixian the Huayin Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Yearning Tea Tin, Guangdong Weihua Group the Weihua tea fruit market, Fengshun Fengshan Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd., Wuhua million mountains Industrial Co., Ltd., Wuhua British Tetai tea The company more than 10 tea production base in Guangdong Province Agriculture Department identified as pollution-free agricultural production base, a number of brand tea has been identified as a pollution-free tea. Dancong tea up to hundreds of domestic and international award-winning.

Meizhou city and around the city, tea sales in stores more than ever. Meizhou "Xingning tea" covers an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters, more than 1000 individual tea dealer, is the place where most of Meizhou tea distribution, the major events of the 5th Tea Festival has been held since 1999. Yearning Tea Tin the tea fields Resort in Yannanfei and Meixian OCT establishment of the "tea houses", the establishment of a "late Gan climate" tea houses Weihua Group Meicheng Jiangnan along the river road, these companies driven Meicheng now There are more than 10 "tea houses". West Rocks Tea Group also established around Meizhou and Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Chenghai, Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large stores of a unified decoration unified scale, the annual output value has reached a billion dollars.

Development of many enterprises in terms of size, pay close attention to the quality of tea, improve product quality at the same time, and also create their own brand, Dabu County West Rock Tea Group Company Limited "do tea" to "do the brand. Them in Dabu County West rocky place 800 meters above sea level, the legislature has a marble monument inscription entitled "West rocky special tea. This particular tea is called "rock rabbit", "rock rabbit" West Rock Group "brand tea. To a brand name, general manager Wei top country "Xizhu" as the corporate brand of tea, and registered trademarks.

In order to become bigger and stronger, "the tea industry, West Rock Tea Group Co., Ltd. also plans to combine the rich" tea "Culture and Hakka culture, to create a brand-name goods. Wei, chairman of the top country, told reporters:

"Our company is in addition to lay a good brand name to play a famous brand effect, on the basis of the tea production, the development of green tourism, tea Tian Fengguang open to tourists. Our relatively large area of ​​tea fields, natural scenery, combined with Hakka cuisine diet will be very unique. has invested thousands of yuan in 3,5 years after the opening up. "

Friends in the audience, just to introduce you to the things in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, with the unique advantages of the high mountains and clouds, vigorously develop the tea industry and the Hakka World "program to this end, thank listen.