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The utility of tea
2012-9-13 15:45:51

China is the hometown of tea, tea is our ancestors discovered later, its use has experienced several stages of evolution, then progressed to such as this " boiling water to brew tea powder " drinking way. In ancient times, our ancestors used tea as a medicine. This and the " Shennong " documented " divine farming tastes 100 grass, day in seventy-two poison, have tea and solution of the" tally. Tea has heat-clearing and detoxifying, refreshing, refreshing function, still be in some regions of the masses as a medicinal. At that time people from wild tea trees cut off branches, pluck leaves, boiled them in water, and then drank the water, this is "porridge tea ". The cook the tea, taste bitter, and then known as "bitter tea tea ".
The world is never what fairy, tea and certainly not what medicine; however, because the tea contains large amounts of nutrition and medicinal value of high component, therefore, it would be a useful human health good drink.
According to the analysis, tea contains more than 300 kinds of chemical constituents, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and amino acid, tea polyphenols, catechin, aromatic oil, lipopolysaccharide and so on, it is vital to the human body and have important nutritional and medicinal substances. This intermediate some components, is actually a large category, such as tea polyphenols, including 30 kinds of phenolic substances; vitamin, and can be divided into specific vitamin and inositol and other 10 kinds of composition. As for the tea to prevent and cure disease and the role of China's ancient books, there are a lot of records, also for the present domestic and international pharmaceutical industry affirmation. Such as tea for treating dysentery, gastroenteritis, nephritis, hepatitis, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cancer, leucopenia and radiation injury and so on, have varying degrees of efficacy. Such as tea, especially green tea anti-cancer effects, according to Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture survey, found in tea area especially green tea, cancer incidence and mortality, was much lower than other places. Now therefore, tea anticancer compounds, mainly catechins in green tea; such compositions, containing about 15%-20%. In addition, tea contained vitamin C and E, has certain anti-cancer auxiliary effect. Perhaps it is because of this, the tea in foreign countries is " safety beverage ", " health drinks ", " healthy beverage " a wide range of praise.
By Han Bin, led the Korean tea health tea for curing diseases with " secret recipe " in one book, in the " modern medicine tea on the understanding and application of " a day, enumerates 31 kinds of tea function, should be very comprehensive : 1, help digestion. 2, refreshing. 3, prolong life. In 4, reducing blood fat, weight loss. 5, eyesight. 6, diuresis, detumescence. 7, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 8, resist arteriosclerosis. 9, lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension. 10, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease. 11, resistance to radiation. For example TV radiation. 12, soothe the nerves, sedation, edify disposition. 13, nutrition agent. 14, for diabetes. 15, aesthetic effect. 16, prevention and treatment of anemia. 17, fatigue, relieve fatigue effect. 18, sober, hangover poison. 19, dip quench. 20, anti-cancer, anti-cancer. 21, Qi boosting. 22, antibacterial zhixie. 23, detoxification. 24, increase the body's adaptability. 25, anti - tuberculosis. 26, in addition to smell, eliminate bad breath. In 27, elevated white blood cell, white blood cell reduction rule disease. 28, antiviral. 29, to protect the teeth. 30, regulate body fluid acid-base balance. 31, external to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.