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Tea can drink a health to
2012-9-13 15:45:13

A cup of tea, a history, a kind of culture! Tea into the local culture, and formed a unique art, also can see the fine spirit. Love tea family, pay attention to is not only the varieties of tea, tea time, pay more attention to tea can drink a health to! Careful selection of the appropriate tea, make a healthy home. Often use the brain workers, or often stayed up late studying people, should drink jasmine tea, green tea. Regular exercise, or a large amount of manual work, is suitable to drink oolong tea and black tea. Sitting still, do very little exercise, unfit to drink green tea, scented tea. Physical deficiency, or often, hyperacidity people, the best choice of black tea. Smoking people, should drink more green tea. Don't eat meat will not mention the spirit of the people, should drink Oolong tea. Each time the toilet all thought is a chore, often constipation, can try honey tea. High cholesterol, high blood lipids, drink Pu'er tea. Be deeply attached to each other every day and the computer modern men, fit to drink to prevent radiation injury effect of green tea. Pregnant women and patients with operation, the best first Renren, don't hurry to drink tea.