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Comparison of health tea method
2012-9-13 15:43:35

A reading that love tea, asked me if I must use Yixing Zisha teapot, can make the tea fragrant odor and is beneficial to the body. Although good Zisha teapot and taste good, neither wins the fragrant, no soup gas, exterior elegant hard knot, a natural cause; but is not only suitable for daily tea tea. Image quality for some Qinzhou clay pot (such as photos, a home made Qinzhou inscription characters melon pots ) and Chaozhou mud pots, even fine porcelain teapot ( or bowl ) and the glass, also can make tea. Exquisite tea is much preference style diversification and moist fine purple sand pot. Out of the bubble tea is mellow, basically by tea method, category, quality, production, and processing time, series and so on factors; alcohol and tea benefits, by the brewing method, water, brewing time, pot size, even the tea storage method, each drink component, when drink ... ... Details have great relations. For example, the amount of each pass of tea, tea is too strong, not only affects the nature of the pure and clean, and the tea contains tannic acid is much, easy and the body of vitamin B and iron binding, health effects. Fasting drink tea will be bad for the stomach; after meal drink tea, in addition to dilute the gastric juice, will make the stomach to absorption of dietary protein and iron, because the tannic acid and tea polyphenol can bind to them, as the coagulation effect. There is a traditional concept is wrong, that is " a cup of tea after the meal ". Preferably after a meal two hours before drinking; and must choose high quality tea, do not drink tea or degradation of pesticide residue; bubble ( bubble must every one to five minutes ) to drink, should be light is concentrated.