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Early morning a cup of tea is good for our health
2012-9-13 15:42:47

Get up in the morning, usually mouth parched and tongue scorched, in order to feel full of fluid, full of cool, this time you can drink tea cup. This is because the water chemical components such as polyphenols, amino acids, sugars, pectin and mouth saliva to react to produce, make oral moist, cool feeling, plus caffeine from internal control body temperature central, temperature regulation, and stimulates the kidney, promoting excretion, allowing in vivo; large amount of heat and dirt to be made new physiological balance, the new supersedes the old. Early morning a cup of tea is helpful for health tea thirst is also different from the soda, fruit juice and soft drinks. Soda, juice only in their content (including carbon dioxide, volatile aromatic oil), absorption of heat, cool and water effects, and has not been fundamentally resolved, heating, dehydration temperature imbalance problem. While the tea is from two aspects to human body temperature regulation, both rule table, and permanent cure, fundamentally plays the role of antipyretic thirst. Tea is a kind of oral hygiene agents. After getting up, often feel dry tongue is bitter, when to drink a cup of tea, you can remove the mouth of mucus, eliminate bad breath, increase appetite. Chinese have a saying: " early morning a cup of tea, starve home selling drug ." that morning cup of tea is good for health. Nowadays the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai spike, people have the habit of drinking tea., is not without reason. Early in the morning when the first cup of tea has benefit to add moisture: a night of body water loss is about 450ml, early morning water can complement the metabolism of the body out of the water. Prevent constipation: after getting up in the morning drinking water can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, intestinal wet, soften stool, promote the excretion of feces. After getting up in the morning: scouring stomach stomach has been emptied, then washed clean drinking water can stomach, dilute acid, reduce stomach irritation, so that stomach to maintain the best condition. Awake brain: wake up to drink water will soon be absorbed into the blood of intestinal mucosa, which effectively increases the blood volume, the dilution of the blood, reducing blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, make clear the rapid recovery of the brain. Beauty : after getting out of bed for body water, help the body from the body of toxins, moisten the skin. Good morning drink honey water: in contrast, early in the morning to drink a cup of honey water is more scientific. After one night of sleep, the body most of the water has been excretion and absorption, the empty stomach to drink a cup of honey water, can add moisture, but also increase the nutrition, and can completely replace the white boiling water location.
Lemonade if see newspaper cosmetic / weight-loss knowledge, you'll find out, stool is beautiful graceful body. One end. The stool is, once formed, accumulated waste may be deteriorated as the toxin, reflected into your skin surface. So, get up in the morning, preferably before before eating, fasting drink a cup to add fresh lemon piece hot boiling water. Don't look down on this cup of drainage water, it is not only the best body acid-base neutralization agent, can play a clean Supian, eliminate toxin effect. In addition, if you have bad breath problems, it can also help you improve your magic. The morning milk can drink milk, this is true, but in the " first cup" is wrong. Fasting drink milk but is " wear bowel and stomach ", digested, absorbed the small intestine to wait, the nutritional value of milk also can not be embodied, who still appear flatulence " allergy " reaction, but turn a bad thing. So drink milk in the morning is as " breakfast " to use, and should be fitted with carbohydrates eaten, in order to give full play to the nutritional value of protein.