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Health tea to pay attention to three to see
2012-9-13 15:41:03

Health tea to pay attention to three to see
At the time
Get up early for black tea, because it belongs to the fermented tea, mild nature, will not stimulate the awakened body; the day for drinking green tea, help refreshing; after supper is the first oolong tea, can help digestion, but also does not affect sleep at night.
Two see region
Experts advocate by regional tea, because a party to raise water and soil. In general, the local tea drink what tea what. For example, Guangdong, Fujian oolong tea drink; minority areas like drinking brick tea.
Three see 's
For example, the body heat of the people for green tea, bad stomach preferably fermented tea. As of spring days get angry, drink green tea; the mood is HERSHEY'S to drink tea, soothing the liver and regulating qi; thick tongue fur, bloated, digestion is not HERSHEY'S is a cup or Tieguanyin oolong the semi-fermented tea, in order to aid eliminating dampness.