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The history of tea ceremony
2012-9-13 15:35:03

Tang Lu Yu essays, written in around 758 b.c.. The author collected ancient tea historical account of detailed, personal investigation and practice experience, to the Tang Dynasty and before the Tang tea history, origin, function, cultivation, processing, decocting, drinking, knowledge and technology are discussed. China is the first to systematically summarize the Tang Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty before something about tea integrated tea works, is also the world 's first tea book.
" Remember " fried tea
Tang Zhang has written, around the year AD 825 published book of about 900 words, the forefront of Liu Bochu on appropriate tea products 7, time listed Lu Yu judged appropriate tea 20. Mainly describes the quality of tea infusion and to the tea water relations, focusing on water.
" Tea. "
Don Wintin writes from around the year AD 860, about lost in Northern Song Dynasty, only identified, thermophilic, easy, hard, five class of six, less than 400 words.
" Sixteen soup "
Tang Su Zhuan, specific book unknown age, about 900 years before and after the. According to the boiling water boiling can be divided 3 goods, by infusing tea priorities to 3 products, storage receptacle to soup can be divided into 5 types of different products, different types of soup to storage receptacle can be divided into 5 products, a total of 16 items, and were given a name.