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Lu Yujian tea method
2012-9-13 15:33:46

1 Preparation of tea:
The Tang Dynasty drinks the tea and the drinks the tea has the very big difference. As Lu Yu " tea " in the Tang Dynasty, tea roughly into coarse, powder, powder, cake four. Back in the Tang Dynasty, imperial tribute tea category started manufacturing process more fine paste tea.
Since the Tang tea category characteristics, only in the preparation of tea had several processes, including hot tea, tea and tea three, grind.
Where drinking tea cake, in the run before, must be in odor or grilled, and grasp the duration, and turned to fire, uniform, and other tea cakes baked like toad back projection of the minor knot in the mind, no longer taking moisture, while the scent of date. With baked cakes into a particular container, to prevent its fragrance, after cooling can grind tea. Then crushed into powder, tea tea, make it more fine, eliminate not crushed coarse stems, fragments, and then placed in bamboo box within the standby.
2 the preparation of water:
The ancient tea on the water for the choice of a modern man is superior and stress.
Green tea in spring water, E Nakashi water in water absorbing more, for the next. While the mountain spring water to overflow as Stephen milk. And the water filter water bag filtration, clarification, remove the mud sediment impurities, placed in water, the dipper, the upper dipper.
3 the fire to boil water:
Be prepared, suitable for frying tea charcoal ( or other no smell dry branches ) C I ( wooden hammer ) break, put wind furnace in light water. The front pay beds ( bracket ) will be in ( big pot ) fixed, water injection in Fuzhong.
The 4 transfer of salt:
When the water boils as order, slightly with the sound when the initial boiling, this time from a salt box out a little salt into boiling water. The purpose is to reconcile the throwing salt, the taste of tea.
Tea for 5:
When in the edge like Lianzhu, two boiling. At this time from the effluent in a gourd, for the three boiling wave DRUM WAVE tea foam to overflow when boiling, save for, like boiled dumplings in soup just boiling water. At the same time with bamboo clip around the center surround agitate to boiling water, boiling water temperature is equilibrium. And timely prepared tea and water according to the corresponding proportion into boiling water.
6 price:
Boiling water three, if the potential Pontos, in tea of froth overflow, at any time to prepare the two boiling water pouring tea, defervescence Yuhua, keep water tea cream ( also known as the " Camellia " ) are not spill, but shall be floating on the surface of the black foam removal, to keep the fragrant fried tea.
When the water more, tea foam cakes was born above the water, like snow flower, tea room.
7 tea:
Tea fresh scent of precious, strong, is in the first three bowl of cooked, up to five bowl.
If there are five guests, can be divided into three bowls, seven guests can drink five bowl, bowl of six on the. Do not care about the first round when the guests did not drink, as long as the pot of delicious tea compensation is. In the tea should pay attention to, each bowl foam cakes are evenly, because everything is the essence of bubble tea.
What is the foam cakes? Thin said foam, thick said everything, fine say flowers. " Tea and five boiled " " where the action " section, which made a wonderful description: flowers, like another floating in the circular water, as in deep pools of rotary, or as in a small state edge turning the water surface of the rigid water duckweed, like in the sky floating fish phosphorus like beautiful cloud; foam, like green money Caofu near water, and like chrysanthemum petals, scattered in a cup; cakes, is first boiled tea dregs and cook, water boiling, and there are many flowers and foam tired Diez, white as snow.
Chuan " Fu " ( Jin Du Yuzhuo ) written in " bright as snow in the winter, shining like the spring flowers. " it is indeed some.
8 tea:
Lu Yu in the " tea six drink " chapter emphasizes the tea must while just cooking " said fresh Fu strong " to drinking. Only hot to taste the tea fresh alcohol and very strong scent.
9 cleaning device:
Will write device, timely wash clean, receiving and storage into a special are basket, for reuse. Lu Yu fried tea method, although the procedure is complicated, but ordered. In the tea with special emphasis on water product choice, broiled, boiled tea fire Hou mastery, description of water and fire to trigger the sweet tea Hou is very important, and clean the device, can be completed Qiquan power.
Tea sage Lu Yu, in one thousand of more than two hundred years ago to advocate and implement the " Lu tea ", also called " the scribes tea " -- clear drink tea, is on the society at that time the other way, develop the useful and discard the useless drinking method. This kind of tea drinks, similar to any other new things, though has also been affected by social boycott, Lu Yuyi had snubbed, but was soon grew by all sectors of society, particularly the literati class, literati and tea lovers of appreciation and emulate.
Because of this tea, can make the drinker will be careful taste of tea natural characteristics; in drinking tea, can make the drinker will be careful taste of tea natural characteristics; in tea with light, flower, moon, playing music, poetry, sentence combination, aims to create a comfortable and refined, noble the elegant tea mood.
Lu tea birth, not only makes the social life of the tea produced profound change, also make the Tang Dynasty after the middle of tea culture, tea literature entered a period of unprecedented prosperity of Tang, song, and since the development of Chinese tea culture has a profound impact, long. Lu Yu was created by the " Lu tea " although with our modern tea in different ways, but Lu Yu advocated tea culture spirit, still affect our country tea drinking culture development, he " tea " tea tea, advocate of water product selection, fried tea on the mastery of heat, as well as note that the tea ceremony, tea ceremony, and pay attention to clean, still have positive significance. Even if the life in the modern city of people who choose water can be affected by environmental conditions, but should pay attention to when making tea, tea ( green tea, scented tea with different tea, oolong tea, etc.) grasp the moderate water temperature, the quantity of tea for much attention to tea, tea, clean, and tea should pay attention to etiquette, regardless of family life for daily tea drinking tea or hospitality, should pay full attention to the.