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Black tea and internal culture
2012-9-13 15:33:03

As a traditional side pin black tea should not care about tea, for simple nomads, red tea does not match their personality. But as a kind of existence of the Millennium tea, gave birth to the long history and culture, if not his art seems to say no. Hunan black tea in recent years gradually turned into the domestic, should develop their own tea.
Bubble tea, is tea technology, tea and tea culture to develop mature product. Tea as a beverage from the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty reached its peak. Coupled with the Zen Buddhist worship, for the birth of foundation. Since the creation of green tea by Lu Yu, form a complete drinking way and procedure. Song Dynasty tea law, is that " Tang Decoction song ". Since Ming Zhu Yuanzhang " build dragon figure, tea drinking method by grind end and drink into the boiling water, now developed into a loose tea tea. But Hunan tea products are mainly tea, then pressed the Hunan tea tea should be what kind of, I don't know.
Hunan tea is the tea from history to find, or the development of modern Hunan tea tea? As an example or advancing innovation? All of a sudden it seems very hard to find the answer.
Talking about Hunan tea tea, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of Hunan black tea. Hunan tea is the mature black tea as raw materials, through the fermentation and into, mostly compressed tea, due to the unique efficacy and its historical role as Chinese tea not replaceable tea. Both mature tea, related to nutrition is balanced, the microorganisms involved in the fermentation, the internal elements and green tea and variations. Scholars have summarized green tea brewing temperature is 85 centigrade is preferred, tea brewing temperature is above 90 degrees. Hunan black tea water temperature would have to 95 degrees Celsius.
Known today as the West hide butter tea, Xinjiang tea is the traditional drink Hunan tea, cooked tea in add milk, salt and other spices, and this method is similar to the Tang Dynasty drinking green tea method. Lu Yu 's "tea " fried tea method steps are such, hot tea, tea, tea, bamboo basket mill choose water, boil water, fire, put tea, tea, tea, Yuhua, cleaning device, receptacle and so on.
Hunan black tea 's inner spirit in where? Mature, is Hunan dark tea and tea, is also the Hunan black tea quality. Hunan tea compared to other kinds of tea, should be stored, soup color is orange light, water glycol, more inclusive, such as experienced vicissitudes of the wise, speech and deportment in the share of calm, calm, tolerant, affinity. Black tea may have no pre-Qing Ming Tea, Guyu tea stress and selling point, but more of the old tea, Chen tea, Ko Cha 's sales potential, life loss but so; fried green tea production quickly, into the city quickly, while black tea production is slow, into the city also slow, but the ultimate realization from both in terms of value, the conclusions may be quick not to fast, not slow slow.
Hunan tea is lucky, in his life has too much praise; Hunan tea is lost, because he has too much bias. Hunan tea is heavy, should have his exclusive and bright tea. Hunan tea tea how to mining, how to carry forward, may be a proposition, or maybe not; but for tea, as long as the proper way, have profit to the body, does not care about tea. How to drink, when to drink, what to drink, believe you own idea.