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Tea brewing skills -- Chinese tea
2012-9-13 15:31:42

Chinese tea, say simply, it is a kind of tea art, in people's daily life due to the preference of tea, tea in the understanding of some basic knowledge, after a certain period of time training and repeated practice and cultivating the tea brewing skills. This art full of people is a kind of sense can Huawei spiritual enjoyment. We are talking about tea mainly includes two aspects. ( 1) refers to the daily life of the tea, is about tea and tea color, flavor and taste, shape; ( 2) refers to the form of performing art, attention is the external form of expression. A kind of tea, Chinese tea brewing now, we first try to understand the basic knowledge of tea. Chinese tea processing technology of different, mainly divided into the following two categories: 1, the basic tea includes tea (no fermentation ), black tea, oolong tea ( fermented ) ( half fermentation ), black tea ( fermentation ), white tea, yellow tea ( micro fermentation ) ( light fermentation, then 2 ). Processing of tea, craft tea, including tea extraction of tea, tea, tea, canned drinks two points according to the different kinds of tea, tea quality, tea with different shapes, it is necessary to adopt different forms of tea, the tea of different dosage, different temperature, different amount of water to make tea. Grasp the basic knowledge of tea, we can make a cup of delicious fragrance, aroma and mellow flavor of tea. Here, we first look at the tables. Table 1 Effect of different water content on tea taste effect (3G tea quantity for example) water flushing amount ( ML ) of 50100150200 tea taste very thick too concentrated glycol partial light table 2 brewing temperature on the effect of tea extract ( brewing time 3 ~ 5 minutes ) and temperature ( 10060) water extract ( % ) from 10045 to 65

Table 3 continued water and tea water extract relations ( brewing time 3 minutes ) tea times can leach material accounted for the proportion of the total ( % ) extract total ( %) first 50 ~ 5550 ~ 55 second 3080 ~ 85 third 1090 ~ 95 from the table we can know, the concentration of tea and tea the amount of boiling water, brewing time, water has a close relationship with. So, in general: a cup of green tea weight of 3G boiling water, the content is 150 ~ 160ml, the temperature of boiling water for about 85oC or so, can make fresh and mellow tea. At the same time, the brewing green tea, tea for the uniform, so that each tea flavor, generally when a cup of tea to half a cup or remaining 1/3 cup tea time, time to add water. Three, the influence of temperature on the tea tea why to use a certain proportion of tea? Because, the substances contained in tea ( extract) is very rich, with boiling water into the tea extract, slowly dissolved in water, formation water. However, form a fresh, cool, sweet taste of tea liquor, alcohol are the main substances from tea in the vitamin, amino acid, tea polyphenol, caffeine, such as lps. Therefore, we must grasp the tea, not only to understand the composition of tea taste substances and extract extraction order, also master tea consumption and boiling water content ratio, grasp the tea water temperature. The formation of tea soup of fresh, crisp, sweet, mellow taste vitamins, amino acid, tea polyphenol; formation of tea taste is lipopolysaccharide, caffeine. In 1, the brewing green tea when boiling water, if water temperature is too high ( 1) tea liquor and tea Yedi rapid yellowing; ( 2) the tea bud " bubble " and not upright, lose ornamental; ( 3) vitamin destruction, lower nutrition; ( 4) the tea polyphenol soon leaching, easy bitter tea. In 2, the brewing green tea when boiling water, if water temperature is too low ( 1) and the lower the permeability of tea, tea tablet floating on the soup; ( 2) tea effective components difficult leaching, tea became pale;

( 3) the tea aroma components not volatile, reduce the tea aroma. In four, green tea green tea in Chinese tea in tea name up, grow an area the biggest, production of the highest yield, the largest number of tea drinking. So, we first learn tea brewing. Prepare the glass with three or ( cover cup and the cup), the cup holder three, a tea pot, tea towel a containing device, a (also praise of tea, tea, tea ), and a water tray, Meng a, a, ( insert tea brewing cup warm, photo ) for tea, warm bubble, brew, drinks ( tea brewing procedure insert photos ) tea ceremony " full of tea liquor with others, Jingren " and " shallow tea with wine " is the Chinese people in daily life and foreign exchanges are often used when a word. When you as a guest or friend tea cup, with seven, eight points is appropriate, this is what we usually say " seven, three " tea ". Chinese usually drink tea habit, when we give the guests a cup of hot tea, such as filled with tea, will make guests due to hot and affect the effects of drinking tea.