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Five Taojiang tea culture connotation
2012-9-13 15:28:43

All say Hunan peach landscape water Shanmei beauty more beautiful, in fact, it 's the five tea more beautiful. Taojiang " five tea" is known, not only reflects the party folk customs, but have deep cultural intension. Then Taojiang five tea refers to what?

The first is green tea. And when the goblin for tender green tea with high quality the female mountain spring water, after boiling tea in particular blue and white porcelain or China bowl. Reeky, aromatic Siyi, both for the guests welcome, and shows the master 's hospitality.

Second is the egg tea. Litchi, longan cooked with fresh eggs, plus a small amount of sugar and. Main satiety, physical enhancement effect. Before three kinds of food are round, meaning " wish guest a menu ". Eggs are generally two, litchi longan generally take six or eight, in pairs, the implied meaning is " good things come in pairs ".

Third is the tea. Take the sesame, peanuts, bean and other mixed together into the Suribachi, with a special stick in the bowl of the broken, then boiling water flushed and stirred, and add some sugar, then became a milky juice, tea, sweet and delicious, refreshing. If the guest of honor, he will ask the guest to the table, put nine small folk flavor of food, such as fried peanuts, fried sweet potato slices, perilla plum, wild jujube, pumpkin seeds, ginger, salt, and drink tea, goods snacks, gossip. Folk customs are generally ranges from guests a bowl of drinking, owner, to full, drank house fragrance, everyone happy.

Fourth is the bread. With a shy female mountain spring water and strong flour special noodles, thin tastily, since ancient times, well-known, where to be ashamed female visitors want to taste. Shy people put the noodles into the characteristics of tea ceremony, known as the bread. Here to eat noodles, the master pendulum nine dish, usually farm flavor cold dish, such as wax pig ears, small dried fish, sour beans, chili and other. The hospitable host also often in each bowl plus one to two eggs, and offer to brew wine.

Fifth is the ginger salt tea or green tea. Ginger salt and tea in tea with salted dried ginger tea, taste the solvability of greasy, patency of the stomach. Green tea is the guest and wish the guest home cleaning gargle, peace.