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Throughout the process of China's ancient tea things
2012-9-6 18:16:21

Western Zhou Dynasty: "Huayang" contains [about the first millennium BC the weeks Wuwangfazhou, the Bashu vicinity has produced the tea as a tribute treasures. 】 This is as a tribute to the earliest account of tea.

Eastern Zhou: Spring and Autumn Period infants and sub-phase Jinggong, BC 547-490, contained [fresh off the millet and rice, according to the "Spring and Autumn Annals" Sunburn three Ge five eggs, tea] showed that the tea as dishes soup for human to use.

Western Han Dynasty: 59 BC, about child "records [Pengcha do with], [Muyang buy tea], which indicates that the existing tea Sichuan area as a commodity, the earliest records of tea-commerce.

Eastern Han: Eastern Han Dynasty, Three Kingdoms era of physician Hua Tuo "food 'records [bitter tea for a long time to eat, the benefit meant】 tea pharmacological effect describes for the first time.

Three: the history books, "Three Kingdoms" state MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY main Sun Hao that Sun Quan offspring [secret gift of tea? When the wine] based on the earliest records of tea instead of wine.

Sui: Tea drinking began to spread, and gradually evolved by the medicinal social drinks, but mainly in the upper social strata.

Tang: Tang Dynasty was a period of expanding popularity of tea as a beverage, and toward all the people from the upper social. The Taizong Dali five AD 770 Mountain in Guzhu now Zhejiang the long construction tribute Tea House, the Governor made a year before Qingming [] tea cakes Guzhu Zisun tribute Dynasty. First year AD 780, Jianzhong, Dezong satisfied Zhao praise Yee, began to levy a tax on tea. Lu Yu Tea, "came after the 8th century AD. The Tang Shunzong Yongjhen the first year AD 805, the Japanese monk Saicho Masters from China with tea seeds return, this tea brought to Japan earliest recorded. Tang the Yi Zong Xiantong fifteen years that is dedicated in AD 874 Tea.

Song: Song Taizong Zhao Gui Taipingxingguo, years AD 976, located in the the Jian'an today Fujian Jian'ou Palace baking tea specially made Beiyuan tribute, from the dragon and phoenix group tea has made significant progress. Huizong Zhao Ji Daguan the first year AD 1107 pro "Treatise on Tea Tea Science of the statue of the emperor, the advocate, promote tea culture.

Ming: the Ming Hongwu six years that the year 1373, set tea Sima, specifically Secretary tea trade things. With twenty-four years of Hongwu, the first Ming emperor AD September 1391 release Dahir, waste corporations tea, Xing leaf tea from the tribute tea group tea cakes to the bud that loose leaf tea, Roasted leaf tea development from an active role. 1610 Dutch tea stall from Macau and transport into Europe. In 1618, the dynasty sent the imperial envoys into Russia, gift of tea to the Emperor of Russia. Chinese tea imported to Denmark in 1916.

Clear: In 1657, China's tea sales in the French market. The East India Company Kangxi eight 1669 print run directly from Banten Yun Chinese tea into the British. Twenty-eight years of Emperor Kangxi 1689 150 quintals, Xiamen, Fujian tea tea directly sold to the UK market harbinger open in Mainland China. 1690 Chinese tea for Boston to sell the franchise license. Guangxu year 1905, China's first organized tea delegation to India, Ceylon, now Sri Lanka to examine tea production system, M & A was part of the tea machinery, propaganda the tea machinery production techniques and methods. 1896 in Fuzhou, mechanical tea company, is one of China's earliest mechanical tea industry.