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Fluctuations in China's tea exports in the first half of 2012
2012-9-6 17:30:11

Development of Chinese tea, the most important is the quality of tea, in order to have more right to speak in the international market. According to Customs statistics show that in the first half of this year, China's tea exports failed to reproduce the pattern of the volume and price increases, tea exports 153,200 tons, down 4.89%; amounting to about $ 490 million, the average unit price of $ 3,197 / ton, respectively, year on year rise 7.87% and 13.41%. From the export market, Morocco, the United States, Russia, Japan, the main sales market are reduced to varying degrees, especially the first big market Morocco decreased by 20.74%, pulled down the export of main cause; Russia following the 2011 exports fell 15.89 percent year-on-year again a 17.80% drop from 2010 third market dropped to sixth place. From export types, except Pu'er tea bottomed, showing a recovery of growth, the other tea export quantity decreased to varying degrees. Due to the constraints of the global economic situation and many other negative factors, China's tea exports this year, the outlook is not optimistic.

First, my tea market exports fell main reason kingpin

First, to maintain the good reputation of the tea export, government authorities continue to intensify efforts to rectify the tea export market, product quality improved rapidly, prices rise year after year, some importers to reduce the number of transactions; continued appreciation of the yuan, the U.S. dollar the euro falling, manufacturers and importers to reduce transaction risk signing relatively cautious, stable export growth had a severe impact my tea; Third, due to the continuing impact of the European debt crisis, the sluggish economic situation in Europe and the United States, the tea consumer demand in Europe and the United States and Russia have decline; domestic production, labor costs, packaging materials costs rapidly increasing, resulting in the production, processing costs increase gradually weaken my tea companies a price advantage in the international market, profit margins squeezed further seriously affect the production of enterprises and tea farmers enthusiasm ; five is to market tea exports in 2011 several kingpin rapid growth in the number of overseas markets in the first half of this year, there are inventory needs to digest.

Uzbekistan tea in the first half of this year, I exported 12,600 tons the amount of $ 24 million, a significant increase of 46.77% and 70.25%, respectively, year on year, Ukraine to become the second largest export region. This is mainly green tea gradually accepted and loved by consumers in the region, imports increase, combined with the first two years of imports continued to decrease in Ukraine, a low base, so this year, a larger increase. My of Algeria tea exports 8,394 tons, a year-on-year increase of 35.58% in year-on-year increase of 33.94% based on Algeria to become the most potential for development of traditional African market.

Second, the tea export outlook is not optimistic

India and other major tea producing countries this year, tea production cuts, it is expected that the trend of China's tea export volume and price growth this year is still difficult to sustain, tea export challenges: First, the development of the global economy situation is not balanced, the Euro exchange rate has been falling continuously dollar increasing pressure, the gradual decline in the momentum of the emerging markets, are directly or indirectly affected my tea exports; second is due to the increase in tea production and processing costs, improve product quality, and factors such as the appreciation of the renminbi, of my tea companies in the international market price advantage gradually weaken further squeezed profit margins, seriously affecting the enterprise and tea farmers enthusiasm for production, also increases the uncertainty of my tea exports; continuously improve the standard of international pesticide residues in tea, become important factors restricting my tea exports, if Morocco Russia, the United States, European Union and Japan, the implementation of standards for pesticide analysis, China's tea export industry will add new variables; Fourth, due to lack of effective cooperation between China's tea enterprises and research institutions, research and development of new varieties and technology innovation ability, not based on market preference for the production of marketable goods, it is difficult to change the drinking habits of the international market consumers in the short term, rapid stimulation tea consumption, to promote China's tea exports increased significantly.

In short, China's rapid economic development, business strength rising international influence of China's tea industry will be further enhanced. However, due to many other factors at home and abroad, it is expected that our tea exports this year, slightly lower than last year, nearly 32 million tons, the export value will remain the rise. Tea export enterprises should adjust its strategy according to the changing needs of the market products, currency fluctuations and related countries in a timely manner, in order to reduce operational risks.

Related Statistics: January to June 2012, China's tea export customs statistics

According to customs statistics, from January to June 2012, China's tea export 15.3 million tons, down 4.89%, amounting to about $ 490 million, the average unit price of $ 3,197 / ton, an increase of 7.87% and 13.41%, respectively, year on year.

Green tea exports 122,000 tons, down 4.37%, amounting to about $ 363 million, an average price of $ 2,972 / ton, an increase of 8.18% and 13.12%, respectively, year-on-year; tea exports 16,500 tons, down 10.92%, amounting to about 5299 million U.S. dollars, the average price of 32 U.S. dollars / ton, an increase of 8.28% and 21.55%, respectively, year-on-year; tea exported 9026 tons, amounting to about $ 36,180,000, year-on-year decrease of 4.11% and 1.69%, respectively; tea export 3502 tons, down 1.55%, the amount of approximately $ 21,550,000, the average price of $ 6,153 / ton, year-on-year increase of 7.67% and 9.36%, respectively; tea exports 2109 tons, an amount of approximately $ 16,380,000, an average price of $ 7,768 / ton, respectively, year on year increase of 8.68%, 25.84% and 15.79 %.

Among the top five in the tea export market, Morocco, Uzbekistan, the United States, Japan and Algeria.