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Three tea story
2012-9-6 17:28:18

Story 1:
Once Lu Yu and several friends who, Jiao Puren support boat to the Yangtze River in the Kap Shui. That is the best in the world of water known as Southern zero water. Water to take it again after Lu Yu readily scoop to scoop up one scoop, he said, this is not the Nanling water, but the shore water. The servant is not admitted. Lu Yu did not speak, and the emptying of water in half, then scoop a scoop, said this is the Nanling water. The servant see Lu Yu penetrated, had to speak out the truth. He took Nanling water, walking accidentally spilled half, back on the shore of the water plus.
Story Two:
Have a notoriously rich tea hobby, home to a beggar. He did not ask for money is not begging for food, but the rich man said: "I have heard your government tea ceremony skills, Please bestow a drink." Millionaire will just soak the tea he drank. After drinking a beggar actually said: "tea fair, the water is not bad, but unfortunately the fire not" rich man was very unhappy, angry and said: "You know what, this tea is Chen Fang camphor carbon burning, and the world there are more than the carbon it better? "beggar said quietly:" my family was also very, is my tea drink light I Shaocha fire with olivary that fire only blue flame, and no anger. Mr. worth a try. "
Story three:
Southern hidden Japanese Meiji era (one thousand eight hundred sixty-eight to one thousand nine hundred and twelve), a Zen master. One day, university professors Special to Zen, he asked treatment he only tea. He injected into the tea to the guests' cup until the cup is full, and then continue to inject. The professor looked at the tea stand and endless overflow cup, "has diffuse out, stop upside down!" Until you can no longer silence, finally said: "Like this cup," Nan hidden replied. Filled with your own views and ideas you do not first empty your cup out, told me how you said Zen?