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Tea appreciation
2012-9-6 17:27:29

Tea material texture view, China is seeing the type of clay, porcelain, bronze, tin, gold, silver, jade, agate, lacquer, cloisonne, etc.. The modern places earthenware tea sets, porcelain tea set, glass tea sets, enamel tea sets, is flourishing, mix. Around drinking habits, teas and natural climatic conditions, tea can be applied flexibly. Such as the Northeast, North China area, most of them with large pots tea, then pour into a porcelain cup drinking. Jiangsu and Zhejiang area the Teapot outside. The general practice of using a covered porcelain cup directly Paoyin. The Sichuan area hi with porcelain tureen Cup that the mouth of the outsole cover small teacup, below there is a small saucer.
Tang Dynasty can be seen from the "Tea" the folk still mainly ceramic tea bowls, porcelain white pottery color, texture and more delicate, which is conducive watch wonderful tea color. Tang Fu fighting vogue noble family began to metals such as gold, silver, copper, tin, tea sets, such Tea is very valuable, but expensive, bulky, and not popularity in the community. Song Tea multi-use porcelain tea cup, small mouth open bottom, black glaze sauce glaze, blue white glaze varieties, mainly black, black glaze lamp Tea "Tea Fight". The Yuan Dynasty green white glaze Tea more black glaze lamp has gradually blue white glaze tea lights instead. The Ming Dynasty prevalent fashion with pots and Teapot tea cup, after the mid-To the Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou Zhijin polychrome, Fuzhou bodiless the lacquer tea succession sky. Modern glass tea and enamel tea set, so that the more colorful of Tea, Variety. Modern Tea than in the past, not only in the production of technically advanced than in the past, but also on the variety, color, plastic arts sophisticated appearance.