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The deep meaning of the tea Hing poetry Quotes
2012-9-6 17:26:14

Tea and wine, for literati in terms of not tasting it in the fragrance flowing into the tea, wine, wine tasting sipping tea, stonewalls, to poems express their emotions, but scholars held the elegant charm of the cup.
The poet alcohol Haocha, since ancient times, a lot of people, Li Bai, "claiming to minister Gods of wine", "Doujiu hundred poems of his brother's wife; sage Lu Yu to Cha poem said:" Wun celebrities when phase visit, tea cook Xifeng waterfall. visible wine and tea with how strong the temptation for a poet, poetry and tea and wine have forged a bond. So, wine tasting, tea compose masterpieces have emerged, or lyrical blending King, or homesickness, nostalgia, or break up the monotony Xiaochou, without exception, will carry the full-bodied wine, tea, turns out to be poetry, tea, wine, regardless of or said, tea, wine and poetry dependency.
Poetic reverie of tea to help, borrowed tea lyrical, poetry Quotes of tea triggered. Taste Anhui Jing County Baiyun Tea "Eight Eccentrics one Wang Shi Shen wrote beautiful lyric poem:" total quiet window suction Baiyun people six internal organs are Qingfen. "Tea for leisure, would not What a joy! Western Jin Zhang Zai Cha poem reads: Mans tea crown six nine districts, taste sowing; life of paying for music, hereby soil chat can be entertaining. "Linked to tea with the joy of life, it is intriguing. Song Poem DU Zi wild in a winter night with the Friends of the tea sit, Huan reminisced love poetry, saying: "Cold Night off to tea when the wine, soup, bamboo stove of boiling fire early red, like unusual front of the windows, only Plum will be different. "poet friends tea poems, poetry tea and raw tea because of the poems and the United States, their physical and mental cheerful music beyond description, being comfortable tea poetry.
Tea help poetic reverie, poetry tea Yang. Seven Bowl of Tea "in Tang Lu Tong:" Pik cited wind constantly, white flowers floating first condensate bowl bowl throat kiss Run, two bowls of breaking solitary stuffy, three bowls search desperately, only post five thousand volume; the Siwan hair light juice, his life unfair things to do from the pores scattered; Qing Wu Wan musculoskeletal the Liuwan through Faerie, seven bowls also can not eat Danjue two axillary breeze breeze students. "This feels like a wonderful of tea advertising; the Su Shi Yong tea poetry: "Drifting Clouds of the Spirit Mountain Lingcao Jing, wash over the incense uniform muscles powder. moon cast Tamagawa sub, fresh winds to blow the broken wuling cloud. jade snow-hearted good to know, not anointing oil surface new drama for the verses Jun Mo laughed, never Jiaming like beauty. "Su's tea compared to the beauty, but also operations Miaojue very have interest, like hot tea Wenxin Qing Yun, fragrant cheek teeth, evocative infinity.