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Interest in ancient and modern celebrity tea
2012-9-6 17:25:40

China is the hometown of tea, tea culture springs from a long. Tea as a cultural phenomenon, and closely related to the lives of our people, from ancient times to the present, there are many celebrities and tea become attached not only written many of the chant psalms commendable tea, leaving a lot of interesting anecdotes tea tea.
Tang Dynasty, Lu Yu, good at tea, tea, "Tea" book into a lifetime of consumption power, spread through the ages, after the Blessed One "sage". Lu Yu, the water is extremely particular about the tea must be good springs. Hot water will be divided into three phases: boiling, boiling boiling. That a boil, boiling of water is not desirable, the best of two boiling water, that is when the pot edge water like bead beating in the spring pool access. (Link: the full text of the "Tea")
Tang Dynasty poet Lu Tong tea strange rule: every time do not drink the seventh bowl, otherwise you will get drunk. The tea drinking song ", he gave this description:" seven bowls to eat not the only sleep two axillary breeze breeze students. "The Ming Dynasty Huzhou Sima FUNG Bin lifetime teapot their hands. He likes helped himself to think that the only way to taste which fun. Even the guests, he also each made a small pot, any of them from the drink.
Modern writer, tea-loving people a lot, which a lot of people are very interested in tea culture. The Lu Xun Miao theory tea
The Lu Xun love tea, often side Writingology side leisurely tea. His guest in Guangzhou, once exclaim: "Guangzhou tea fragrant and delicious, cup in hand, and a friend as a half day to talk about". Therefore, the Tao Tao Ju, Guangzhou, Miss Park, North Park Deli, have left his footprint. Tea insights There was a famous extraordinary argument: "a good tea to drink, will drink good tea, a Kiyofuku, practicing his martial arts must first, followed by the special feeling of practice."
Guo Ode tea
Guo from youth favorite tea, and tea connoisseurs of Chinese tea color, smell, taste, shape and historical allusions are familiar with. In 1964, he went to Changsha, Hunan tasting Takahashi Tea Experimental Station New Creation of tea --- the Silver Peak Takahashi, greatly appreciated the wrote "early drink Takahashi Silver Peak poem:
Hibiscus kingdom produced a new tea, Jiuyi the fragrant wind mound ten thousand.
Ken let the Huzhou boast Zisun willing to work Shuangjing bucket Hongsha.
Brain, such as snow and ice heart fiery tongue not relent eyes are not flowers.
The third free to teach the world drunk, Sanlv useless Awake sigh.
Lao She tea with "Teahouse"
Famous contemporary writer Lao She tea fans, also studied the tea culture, won the tea really interesting. He has repeatedly said such insightful: "tea itself is an art. Originally, Chinese people are the ancestors of drinking tea, now in tea art, Japanese walking in front of us. Him to tea as partners, Evans, such as springs, creation of "Teahouse" by the rise and fall of the old Beijing Yu Tai Teahouse encounters, reflect from the Reform Movement to the victory of the war after 50 years of social change, tea literary masterpieces, creating a sensation.
Tea connoisseurs Qin Mu
Contemporary writers the Qin Mu's hometown Guangdong Chenghai county Chaoshan region, the local "Kung Fu Tea" customs were broadcast abroad. He grew up contact kung fu tea, tea kung fu trained excellent resolution. Qin Mu Guangzhou reported was appointed the deputy editor of the Yangcheng Evening News editor-in-chief together in the summer of 1967 and the autumn of 1970, subject to review concentrated in Guangzhou, a cadre school "veterans" have drinking habits, everyone whim to each brought the tea named its high and low, elected Qin Mu tea taster. Qin Mu also wrote Hometown tea things under heaven "tea prose with humorous mood describes the almost legendary Chaoshan Tea widely read.
SPINE independence bell tea
Famous contemporary writer SPINE from a young age, hobbies tea, the teaching of Chongqing University, often to tea with her friends chat over tea, especially like product Sichuan Tuocha. He said: "good things too much tea is one of the prominent one. Both elegant and popular life of the Chinese people, in addition to the fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, also must have tea. '
Comrade Liu Shaoqi's hometown of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries the Hunan of Ningxiang County Huaminglou Floor, where the people of good drinking a smoked tea. Affected by Liu Shaoqi also particularly like to drink smoked tea. After the liberation of his hometown to his Shaoshang a packet of tea to Beijing, he treasured work tired, drink this smoked tea, he would have the spirit of refreshing weariness totally disappeared.
Comrade Mao Zedong habits like tea and eating tea leaves. Restaurants in Guangzhou, who had worked with the poet Liu Yazi side of tea, while to explore the revolutionary truth, Later, his poem will have "tea Guangdong unable to forget, cord sentences Yuzhou leaf is yellow," the sentence.