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Recreating New Scene for the Work of Economic and Trade Power
2012-9-6 17:24:21

(Reporter Zeng Seahawks Xiaogen Ping special correspondent Loewe chapter) municipal government yesterday held a work conference of the city's economic and trade cum power and clear requirements this year, the city's industrial output value, industrial added value should ensure that the actual growth of 9%, and strive to grow 10% . Party secretary Liu day known stressed, economy, trade, power to promote "green rise" the main battlefield, levels and all departments should improve the understanding, the joint efforts to create economic and trade, development of electric power a good atmosphere, and further promote the construction of key projects, actively undertake industrial transfer , speeding up industrial restructuring, to revitalize the economy, trade, electrical work, a new situation, and to contribute to sustaining economic growth, efforts to promote employment.

Ri Zhi Liu, Jia Li for the city to China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand Award.

Mayor Jia Li presided over the meeting. Vice Mayor Chen Jianqing analysis of the city's economy and trade, development of electric power situation, and made specific deployment of the next work. Municipal People's Congress deputy director Ray Jinfang, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Li again first, city deputy secretary to monitor the Secretary Ye Xie Chun, assistant mayor Chen Mu; Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, deputy chief engineer Li Yue Sui, the provincial SME credit re-guarantee company general manager Chen Jiedeng attended the meeting. Meeting to convey the spirit of the province's trade and economic work conference.

Ri Zhi Liu stressed that the economic and trade, the main battlefield of electricity is to promote "green rise". First, from the connotation of "green rise" point of view, the economic and trade, electricity is a main focus. The core of the rise of the green is the rise of the economy, the economic rise of the key to the development of new industrial, specialty industrial and modern service industry, accelerate the construction of the province's green modern industrial base, and thus out of the one is different from the traditional road of new industrialization. Second, to defuse the crisis situation in economy, trade, electricity is an important force. Can not capture the changing situation and grasp the rare opportunity for development, discovery and nurturing can take full advantage of the favorable factors, the real turning crises into opportunities, but the contrarian in the face of adversity, critical look at the economic, trade, power front enterprise. Third, from the view of the requirements of the project construction, economy, trade, electricity is the most important. Economy, trade, electricity, industrial projects, production projects, service projects, can quickly become a new economic growth point, a stabilizing effect on the expansion of employment, increased tax revenue, benefit more directly, more far-reaching.

Ri Zhi Liu requirements, at all levels and all departments should make joint efforts to create greater economic and trade, the new situation of the electrical work. The overall goal, a contribution to sustaining economic growth Second, we must make efforts to promote employment. This year the city's above-scale industrial output value, industrial added value should ensure that the actual growth of 9%, and strive to grow 10%, 9% of the city's GDP growth, the urban registered unemployment rate at less than 3.5% of the target, and to play an important supporting role. Ri Zhi Liu stressed that to achieve this goal, it is necessary to highlight three priorities: first, to promote the construction of key projects. To speed up the progress of the projects under construction, and strive to meet the conditions of the project ahead of schedule to start construction. Carefully screened group of the project in line with national industrial policy, to actively seek the support of the national and provincial. To further establish and improve the responsibility system for major projects, and strive to do a good job of a project to build a base, and the formation of an industry. The second is to actively undertake industrial transfer. To continue to accelerate the construction of the park, and efforts to promote ecological parks, industrial development orientation of the Metro (Meizhou) Industrial Transfer Park construction to ensure that the first half of this year paid off. To further efforts to make the investment, spend the greatest efforts to fight for the enterprise came in, and achieved outstanding results. Third, is to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure. To speed up the adjustment of internal industrial structure, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, accelerate the adjustment of the organizational structure of enterprises, to accelerate the development of circular economy.

Ri Zhi Liu departments at all levels to strive to create a good atmosphere of the economy, trade, development of electric power. First, the effort to be more focused. To firmly establish the concept of the economic rise of the core to provide more and more effective support for the development of economy and trade, electricity. At present, it is particularly necessary to attract foreign investment as an important work, concrete manifestation as a study and practice the scientific concept of development, and work hard to reinforce the aspect of our work, highlighting the effectiveness of the work on. Second, is thought to be more open and. To continue to emancipate the mind, persist in reform and innovation, further adjustment, rich and perfect ideas, solve problems properly, effectively defuse the crisis, and to promote the implementation of work. Services to be more in place. To implement the policies, changing the style and personnel training to provide good service.

Jia Li stressed that all levels and all departments should be in accordance with the requirements of Ri Zhi Liu secretary quickly grasp the spirit of the meeting to convey, implement, implement. First, it is necessary to change their style. To enhance service awareness, and means of innovative services, improve service levels. To do tonight on everything, difficult to focus on to do. Second, we need to innovation and development. To innovative ideas, innovative ideas, innovations. Third, we must strengthen supervision. The National People's Congress and CPPCC key projects, large projects to strengthen supervision to ensure that the implementation of the project.

Chen Jianqing departments at all levels on the basis of a comprehensive summary of the results of the Industrial Commercial Development, actively seize every opportunity to seek new breakthroughs in industrial rise. To clear the objectives and requirements of the industrial rise, and actively cultivate new growth points, and to strengthen support and protection, and create a favorable environment to promote industrial rise.

The participating enterprises exchange of positive experience to deal with the financial crisis. Guangdong Tapai Group Co., Ltd., BPW axles (Meizhou) Co., Ltd., the Guangdong QIANGHUA car brushless generator Co., Ltd., Wang Xing Da (SACP) Electronics Co., Ltd. and other enterprises at the meeting introduced the practice and experience of Guangdong Po The Lihua New Energy Co., Ltd. 11 companies made a written statement.

The meeting commended the national and provincial brand, well-known trademarks, the award-winning enterprise. Li Jiaxuan read the government "on the recognition of the 2007 Meizhou City of Guangdong Famous Trademark and brand-name products in China in 2008, the well-known trademarks and brand-name products in Guangdong Province, the decision of the famous trademark production enterprise". Participating leaders the the West Rock Camellia Baolihua clothing and other award-winning enterprise awards.

The meeting also held a signing ceremony. Chen Jianqing on behalf of the municipal government has signed with Guangdong Power Grid Corporation accelerate the Meizhou city power grids and the strategic cooperation agreement to improve the rural power grid construction and the provincial SME credit guarantee companies signed a credit re-guarantee system for the construction of a strategic cooperation framework agreement ", Meizhou Power Supply Bureau and the counties (cities, districts) government signed "in 2009 to accelerate the construction of power grids target letters of responsibility".

Appointed secretary of the counties (cities, districts) or counties (cities, districts), in charge of economic and trade work vice counties (cities, districts), responsible comrades of the relevant units of directly under, Agatanoatae, and the central, provincial in plum; city's above-scale the main person in charge of the enterprise key distribution companies, the person in charge of the relevant associations, Chinese famous brand, Chinese well-known trademarks and brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong famous brand enterprise representatives attended the meeting.